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A bit about me (so you know I can do the job)

After achieving City & Guilds Advanced Plumbing Qualifications, I worked as an apprentice for a local family-run plumbing firm. I am now proud to have run my own successful plumbing company for several years with a commitment to completing every job to the highest standard.

I’ve got it covered (just to put your mind at rest)

I will of course take every care not to cause any damage to your home but in the unlikely event, I am fully insured with the red phone people.

I am also the tidiest plumber in the world (or certainly in the top ten) and will go out of my way to keep your home looking as neat as it was when I arrived. I think that’s important.

What I do (the short list)

  • Complete bathroom installations
  • Kitchens, Utilities and Cloakrooms
  • Cylinder and loft tank; repair or install
  • Dishwasher and washing machine installation
  • Emergency repairs and leaks
  • Radiators-move,replace, install
  • Radiator valves-replace, install
  • Outside plumbing and groundwork
  • Hot and cold water pipes
  • Soil pipes,waste pipes
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Taps-repair, replace, install
  • Immersion heaters
  • Toilets-repair, replace, install